Golden Dawn, My Awakening

Breakfast and Fascism

Breakfast and Fascism

There I was having my toast and eggs, and my morning jolt of hot coffee (no bacon of course 😉 )  I had grown tired of asian jailbait and was thinking at the lack of rational that the anti-racist movement had offered me.

Several things were happening as well in My Little Pony Land.   The new spinoff, Equistria girls was what I saw as zionist aggression against the My little Pony agenda and could not be tolerated.

I was thoroughly finished inside, mentally and physically.  I decided that there needed to be a true awakening, and then I looked up and I saw the sign, Golden Dawn.   They made  damn good food at reasonable prices.

I was instantly convinced that fascism was the answer, yes I had previously been dating an asian jailbait filipino and proclaimed my love for black girls, but I knew if I were to start a blog it would lend me credibility in my quest for a new era of Bronie Fascism.

I would no longer let the zionist controlled media slaughter my favorite show, I decided right then and there that the answer to a true movement lay in Europa.

Hail Victory.